Beers We Brew

Ice Cream Man


A New England-Style IPA brewed with Citra hops. Juicy with citrus notes, reminiscent of an orange creamsicle. Rated #5 on Draft Magazine's list of "Top 50 IPAs"

Misty Slope

Double Scoop


A New England-Style Double IPA. For this beer, we took one of our favorites and doubled the scoops. Double Scoop will be everything you love about Ice Cream Man IPA, doubled into a citrusy perfection.

Triple Scoop


Once, twice, and now... THRICE. Ice Cream Man's final evolution, this New England-Style Triple IPA is a triple threat: stronger than ever and packed to the brim with tropical and citrus notes. We couldn't make this beer any more perfect (and we tried).

Misty Slope

Gelato Girl Pina Colada


What could be better than Ice Cream Man with a Pina Colada twist! First in our Gelato Girl series, Pina Colada Ice Cream Man IPA! This spin-off of our Ice Cream Man gives off heavy tropical fruit aromas with notes of citrus, coconut, and pineapple. It is sure to leave you saying bellissima!

Gelato Girl Orange Cream


Using our classic Ice Cream Man IPA as a base, this variation is an ode to a refreshing summer treat, featuring notes of sweet orange and marshmallow, with a hint of vanilla.

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Rakautra (Rakau & Citra hops) is a juicy New England-Style IPA, with passion fruit, pineapple & peach aromas. Rated #21 on Draft Magazine's list of "Top 50 IPAs in America".

Suzy Greenberg


A juicy New England-Style IPA with added mango that is not of this world! It will make you walk the streets like you're the queen (or king) of the town.

Misty Slope
Misty Slope

Unicorn Farm


Unicorn Farm is an IPA characterized by a balanced bitterness with a delicate touch on the palate. Nelson Sauvin and Mosaic impart white wine and pineapple aromas.

Infinite Universe


Brewed with galaxy hops, this light and pillowy New England style IPA is characterized by notes of papaya and pineapple.

Misty Slope

Big Day Off


A hazy New England-Style double IPA brewed with Citra and El Dorado hops. Characterized by notes of candied cherries and tropical citrus.

Tony Goes Dancing


This experimental Double IPA is brewed with different hop varieties in each batch. Every batch will have a different flavor profile but still the same hoppy and juicy flavors we love!


Palate Mallet


Our West Coast-StyleDouble IPA, Palate Mallet has a strong, bitter, hoppy bite, with notes of citrus and a clean, crisp finish.

Summer Ale


This hoppy blonde is brewed and dry-hopped with a blend of citrus-forward hops, it is assertively hopped but not overly bitter, bursting with fruity, spicy, and citrusy hop flavors.




Brewed with imported Munich malts and noble German hops, this traditionally brewed beer has a hearty malt character perfect for cooler weather.

Spring Ale


A hoppy wheat ale brewed with a blend of our favorite hop varieties. Copious amounts of orange give off a citrus punch and create an ale perfect for welcoming warmer weather.

Misty Slope



Winterfest is a deep chestnut colored ale brewed with a touch of cinnamon and local honey. It’s rich flavor and subtle spices make it a perfect for the cold.

Shad Derby


A lighter-bodied American Pale Ale brewed to celebrate Windsor's Shad Derby Festival, held annually in May.

Misty Slope

Ooooooooh Berrycuda


This fruited Sour IPA is packed full with blackberries and raspberries! A smooth, citrusy mouthfeel with a balanced sweetness and sour bite! You gonna burn, burn, burn, burn to the wick. Ooooooooh Berrycuda!

Crazy On Blue


fruited sour IPA; brewed with blueberry, peach & milk sugar. Crazy on blue. Let me go crazy, crazy on blue, ohhh!

Misty Slope
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Blackberry Berliner Weisse


This traditional Berliner-style Weisse is a light and refreshingly tart wheat beer with added blackberry puree.

Pomegranate Berliner Weisse


This traditional Berliner-style Weisse is a light and refreshingly tart wheat beer with added pomegranate puree. Characterized by sweet notes of champagne and pomegranate.

Misty Slope
Misty Slope

Mango Berliner Weisse


A traditional Berliner Weisse, this light-bodied wheat ale is crisp and refreshing, with a tart and sour flavor accentuated by the addition of mango puree.

Pineapple Pink Guava Berliner Weisse


This light and refreshingly sour Berliner Weisse, is brimming with fresh pineapple and pink guava and bursting with tropical fruit notes and flavors.

Misty Slope
Misty Slope



A traditional German style Hefeweizen brewed with German hops and malts. Heftones boasts notes of lemon, clove and banana.

Czech Mix


Brewed as a mix between a German and Czech style, this pilsner is slightly sweet with notes of toasted biscuits.

Misty Slope
Misty Slope



A delicious Imperial Brown Ale, brewed in collaboration with our friends at J. Timothy's Taverne in Plainville, CT.

Peanut Butter Shot


A chocolate peanut butter milk stout encompassing rich aromas of roasted malts, sweet chocolate, and peanut butter cup. The Peanut Butter Shot that doesn't hurt!

Misty Slope
Misty Slope



Our classic English-style Brown Porter, with roasted notes of chocolate & coffee. Our medal winner: 2017 GABF Gold, 2016 GABF Bronze (plus many others).

Back East Ale


An American Amber Ale with a subtle fruity aroma, hints of vanilla and peach, a smooth malt character & just a slight hop bitterness and a crisp finish.

Misty Slope
Misty Slope

Misty Mountain


Our flagship IPA, this assertively hopped beer has a great hoppy aroma, crisp hop bite, and smooth medium body.

Ex Machina


Ex Machina, our Russian Imperial Stout has roasty notes, hints of coffee and chocolate, and finishes with just the right amount of bitterness.

Misty Slope